Meet Member Merchant

Elizabeth Fanslow

Owner of Be Amazing Paper Co.

Empowering Businesses: The Story of Be Amazing Paper Co. and Owner Elizabeth’s Dedication to Customized Printing Services.

Elizabeth Fanslow the owner of the Be Amazing Paper Company in Laurel, Mississippi. If you know her, you love her. She is a business owner, entrepreneur, author and wife. When Elizabeth retired from corporate America in 2011, she started her own consulting business.  She then stepped away from that business in 2021 to open her very own paper shop in Laurel, Mississippi. Elizabeth enjoys various activities for fun, such as engaging in hobbies like reading, working out, and journaling. She enjoys traveling with her husband, and living and owning a business in the heart of  Laurel, MS. Living and working in downtown Laurel brings her true joy, especially because of the vibrant community and the opportunities it offers. It’s a place where she can pursue her passion and contribute to the town. Owning her own business gives her the ability to re-create something new, and gives her new experiences and helps her grow.

Elizabeth draws inspiration from her role model, who has greatly influenced her personal growth. Her grandmother, Stella, holds a special place in her heart as an extraordinary individual. She raised 5 kids alone after Elizabeth’s grandfather passed, and she was the strongest willed person Elizabeth has ever known. Her grandmother is the one who gave her the passion for writing letters!

Elizabeth has achieved great success while pursuing her dreams. Throughout her career, there have been several influential people who have shaped her professional path. Their guidance and mentorship have been invaluable in helping her navigate the business world. At the start of her career she had three male mentors in the banking and credit card industry; Hank Schreiber, Bob Bouza, and Scott Lucas. Right out of high school, she started in banking, and Hank and Bob mentored her and gave many opportunities to shine. Then Scott, who was her last boss in Corporate America, gave her the space to create a work environment where people could grow and succeed. She credits his mentorship for the development of her leadership skills. She also has two influential women in her life — Carol Westberry & Lisa Larter. Both of these women have been instrumental in her consulting career for many years. They both have taught her to be strong, independent, and not afraid to try anything.

Be Amazing Paper Co. offers business print services, greeting cards, stationery, art prints and customized printing services that cater to the needs and preferences of their customers.  Her shop focuses on building relationships with clients and their businesses, and helping their customers printing needs. At her print shop, she helps clients from all over the United States, including Florida, California, and Georgia. Elizabeth wears multiple hats and manages various responsibilities, but she is thankful for her dedicated team of employees who contribute to her company’s success. She currently has three employees, Lily, Leah, and herself. She desires to see her company grow, and growing a company requires careful planning, adaptability, and focusing on customer satisfaction. Her best piece of advice for growing a business would be,

“Always make sure that you have processes in place before you grow. This keeps everything consistent when hiring and training. When everyone understands what they are supposed to do and what the values of the company are – everyone wins!”

Elizabeth explains that being a business owner is a full time job. She is always on call, but she maintains a healthy work-life balance. She prioritizes it by setting boundaries and delegating tasks when necessary. Since starting her company, her life has changed significantly. She has experienced personal and professional growth, faced challenges, and celebrated milestones, but she believes,” making memories is more important than it used to be”. She thinks that it might have something to do with her age, but she knows she’s in the right business for this season of her life. The secrets to her success comes from her love of reading, and her desire to never stop learning and growing. Her hard work, dedication, continuous growth, and surrounding herself with a talented team is the reason she can make an amazing impact in her business and in downtown, laurel. Elizabeth is driven by a desire to create something meaningful and make a positive impact.

Her mission is clear: she desires to see people writing again, and writing with pencil and pen on paper again! To send cards to people instead of emails, and to design and create beautiful paper products to help people express how they feel and what they want to say.