A Year in Review

2023 was a successful year for Laurel Main Street. From new businesses and residential spaces to successful events and community involvement, the downtown area has experienced significant growth and positive changes.

Here are a few highlights of the 2023 year in review. 

New Businesses

We have gained new businesses and residential spaces over the past year. These establishments have contributed to the economic growth for our city.
Downtown has welcomed seven new businesses, bringing fresh energy and diversity into the area, and ten new residential living spaces, catering to both short-term and long-term rentals.This expansion has not only increased the downtown’s population but provided more opportunities for people to live, work, and enjoy this beautiful city!

Successful Volunteers

The success of Laurel Main Street would not have been possible without the dedication and support of our wonderful volunteers. 

Throughout the year, an estimated 1,000 man-hours were generously provided by volunteers who contributed their time and efforts to organize and promote various events. They have helped create a sense of community and a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors! 

The Largest Loblolly Festival in Laurel Main Street History.

Laurel Main Street has played a vital role with organizing and creating a variety of events that have attracted both locals and visitors to downtown. 

This year was the largest Loblolly in Laurel Main Street history, drawing in over 250 vendors and nearly 25,000 attendees.This event helped provide a platform for businesses to showcase their products and services. It also played a significant part for our local business to create relationships with new vendors or local vendors.

New Main Street Event

The Cadence Bank Cookie Stroll, a new Laurel Main Street signature event was launched, which brought a joyful Christmas spirit to downtown.

This family-friendly event featured live music, visits from Santa and the Grinch, snow flurries, and, of course, delicious cookies.

Thank You for Investing.

The downtown area has also experienced an increase in private investment, with nearly $2 million being invested within the downtown footprint. The private investments for downtown Laurel shows confidence in downtown as a thriving place to live, work and visit. These investments have not only enhanced the physical infrastructure but have also contributed to the overall economic growth of the area. This past year has been a remarkable one for downtown, with many achievements and big milestones.

The addition of new businesses and residential spaces, successful events, and the amazing support of volunteers have all played a crucial role in creating a beautiful downtown. As we look forward, it is evident that downtown Laurel will continue to flourish and offer an exciting destination for residents and visitors.